Why is a Salesforce Admin Important?

Most enterprises do not see the salesforce admin as something more than a technical bridge between the sales team and the CRM system. In fact, some enterprises are even making do without one. However, the truth is that a salesforce admin is an integral part of the entire workflow architecture, and can be utilized to optimize operations and extract more from the same CRM implementation.


Why is a Salesforce admin important

Why is a Salesforce admin important

How can this be done? Here are some examples of the admin embracing the new-age roles within a CRM system:

  • Proper metrics management: Sales performance and forecasting depends on metrics obtained from analytics. Because salesforce admins are the ones in charge of data preparation, the right person can reduce raw work and improve accuracy by manyfold.
  • Improved adoption: The admin is your spokesperson for the CRM system. Employees that are skeptical about the benefits of CRM will find it easier to approach the admin and have a friendly chat rather than invoke the official channels. This makes it easier for everyone to see the CRM system in new light and be able to adopt it more fully.
  • Trainings and expertise: The admin also plays a pivotal role in training new staff and resolving the queries of the existing users. This becomes indispensable because with time, the salesforce admin acquires deep system knowledge that allows him to resolve queries very quickly.
  • System evolution: The admin stays in touch with new technologies being introduced in the market, and can make required recommendations. Because he’s an insider who has a vested interest in keeping the system in the best shape possible, his judgment can be trusted to a greater degree than that of an outsider.

Do you have a salesforce admin in place? If yes, how has it helped improve sales operations? And if not, what challenges do you think can be overcome by appointing someone? Let us know in the comments!

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