The Acid Test for Any CRM System

How can the success of a CRM system be determined? Is an improvement in workflows enough of proof of its effectiveness, or is there a more fundamental metric that shows the effectiveness of a CRM system when it comes to optimizing sales solutions? Many industry experts believe that every CRM system will improve workflows, even if by a fraction, so it is not the most correct metric for reflecting the success of an implementation. According to them, there is a more fundamental and intuitive way to look at the whole thing – consumer trust.

The Acid Test for Any CRM System

The Acid Test for Any CRM System

Communication and trust

When we talk about the effectiveness of a CRM system in building consumer trust, it is not in terms of a blurry idea of trust. Trust is important, no doubt, but the new system needs to demonstrate how it is leading to increased trust. And this is where this metric comes in – personalized communication. The idea is that personalized messages can maximize your marketing returns quickly and at the same time lead to high retention and customer loyalty.

But in a traditional sales management system, the enormous complexity of individual communication finds no place. This is precisely where a CRM should win, with a demonstrable effectiveness of rich email campaigns and other communication items that are personalized according to the history of each customer. As a result, the customer feels relevant and valued, which naturally leads to a stronger bonding than is otherwise possible.

Have you noticed increase in consumer trust after adopting a CRM solution? We’d like to know your experiences in the comments section!

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