Better Customer Relations with Sales Force Automation

The first thing that comes to mind when considering Sales Force Automation (SFA) is the aggregated strategies and solutions implemented to improve a company’s sales force performance. However, that’s not where the advantages stop. Besides improving core sales management processes and making forecasts more accurate, CRM-based SFA is also a great tool to better customer relations. The reason this connection isn’t immediately obvious is because businesses still think that relationship management needs to be separately pursued. Not really!

Here’s how sales force automation through CRM leads to happier customers:

  • Improved customer interaction: The quality of customer interaction improves when they don’t have to repeat the entire history every time. A CRM solution keeps your sales department updated on the customer profile, and this awareness translates into increased satisfaction.
  • Quickly accessible information: It usually happens that customer information is spread across multiple departments. This can delay process requests considerably, and even become a deterrent when it comes to handling urgent complaints. By connecting everything centrally, a CRM solution reduces the overall time and makes the customer feel valued.
  • Timely notifications: A CRM can help you set up behavior-oriented notifications so that you are able to extract most value from an ongoing customer engagement. From sending customized information on special days to delivering the information you once promised, this function of the CRM is highly useful in creating customer delight.
  • Contact management: For companies that work with large sales teams, one problem is the unavoidable loss of a known face to the customer. Contact management helps you get a better handle on this, providing sales representatives a clear one-to-one mapping and making all important details available on time.

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