Thinking about Customer Trust

There can be no doubt that customer trust should be the number one priority for any sales team. It’s the magic glue that binds everything together, and is more effective than any groundbreaking strategy you can think of. But it’s also true that most enterprises find themselves short of answers when it comes to developing customer trust; after all, getting repeat business seems about the most difficult thing to do. It’s important to realize that trust can’t be an add-on to your business model. If you are to sustain results by delighting end-users, forethought needs to be woven into the workflows.

Thinking about Customer Trust

Thinking about Customer Trust

Trust and CRM

Successful CRM implementation rests on quality customer data. It is only when you have a correct snapshot of the customer profile that you can predict future sales with confidence. But acquiring correct information doesn’t have so much to do with data-capture tools than winning goodwill: People will give extensive and correct information about themselves only when they trust you. Moreover, companies that have loyal users can bank on creating better customized products to appeal to different segments.

Trust plays another important role: In the world of emerging technologies where different vendors are pitching more or less similar products, it’s the companies that work hard to create an experience for the users that can hope to sustain and grow their business.

Fundamentals of trust

Trust is simply a combination of convenience and security. A business should not be focused too heavily on its financial statements, working instead to continuously ensure that users find value in the products or services offered. Accountability plays a big role, because companies that can mitigate wildfires quickly succeed in connecting with their users instantly. Ultimately, it’s about giving the kind of service you’d personally like to receive.

What are your experiences related to customer trust? What special steps have you taken to make sure the end-user is delighted? Let us know in the comments.

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