Blogging As an Essential CRM Tool

For most companies the mention of CRM conjures up images of sophisticated software and process workflows, with a lot of sales management to go with it. On the surface, blogging seems to have very little to do with it. And yet that is precisely what successful businesses are doing – using blogs to communicate, address complaints, and announce new developments, all of which forms the core of CRM.

Blogging As an Essential CRM Tool

Blogging As an Essential CRM Tool

Here are some of the many important roles blogs play in managing customer relations:

  • Brand awareness: Blogs are powerful branding devices, enabling you to instantly connect with your audience. Consistent and value blogging ensures that recall is high and customers keep coming back for more.
  • Lead generation: Content-driven marketing is the norm these days. Blogs allow you to create a knowledge base that attracts the right kind of customer and rouses curiosity. This gives you high-quality leads with much better conversion rates.
  • Feedback: Corporate blogs play the sensitive and important role of gathering feedback. Companies that maintain a corporate blog and respond to feedback quickly, succeed in creating lasting trust and brand loyalty. The views posted by customers will also help you improve your business model.
  • Repeat business: New offers can be announced on your blog, which are automatically delivered to people who are subscribed to your feeds. This keeps your brand fresh in customers’ memory and brings repeat business.
  • B2B communication: A good corporate blog is also a great platform for communicating to your peers, letting you benefit from shared learning and mutual insight about evolving practices in CRM.

A new look at CRM

It’s worth reminding ourselves that CRM is not just a set of tools and processes. It’s a holistic paradigm that improves customer relations throughout the organization. This calls for a long-term flexible strategy, and blogs form an integral part of this. How has blogging helped your business in improving customer engagement? Tell us in the comments!

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