Knowing What Your Customer Wants

While the rise of CRM software is impressive, its success depends completely on how well the business is able to understand the customers. It all comes down to the age-old question marketers have been grappling with, “What does the customer want?” Admittedly, no definite answer has yet emerged, and at best we can say that customer preferences do not follow a logical pattern.

Knowing What Your Customer Wants

Knowing What Your Customer Wants

But that doesn’t mean customer insight will be elusive for you. In fact, thanks to some modern  tools it’s now possible to connect with people at a deeper level and get a better handle on what they want. This means that as a business, you need to do these things well:

  • Gathering information: Especially when you are a B2B company, gathering information is the first thing you need to do. Much of it is readily available in the form of industry-specific publications, government websites, leading content resources, etc. A thorough study will give you many insights.
  • Listening effectively: Effective listening calls for using social media, but the trick is not to restrict it to a one-way tool. The best use of social media is to tap into conversation channels and listen to what people are saying about you. You might be surprised at the number of possible areas for improvement.
  • Monitoring search engines: Most of the world’s information is still accessed through search engines, which is also what you need to monitor. It’s important to understand what your brand’s perception is on forums, discussion groups and blogs. A good idea is to set up Google Alerts on your brand name and see what type of discussions are becoming popular.
  • Measuring sentiment: People connect with their brands emotionally, and that is the secret to repeated sales. This happens through sentiment analysis, which helps you estimate the emotional response your business is evoking in customers. The best way to do that is to pick a good sentiment analysis tool based on your CRM strategy.

Getting to know the customers is a constant process, because just like the markets, they are always evolving. Follow the points mentioned here for a better grip on it.

Tell us what secret mantra do you follow to know your customers better? We would love to hear that!

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