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melssCRM features in Amazing Apps on AppStorm

melssCRM has recently been featured on a blog on AppStorm on its list of “40+ Amazing Desktop App Alternatives”.

The blog covers various types of products such as Accounting, CRM, ERP, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Time Tracking, Invoicing, FTP, IDE, Media Players, Office Suite and Note Taking.

The blog gives a quick description of melssCRM as:

“The highly customizable melssCRM comes equipped with advanced business intelligence capabilities. Thanks to the excellent statistical analysis reports and charts from the app, you can get deeper insight on the current trends, forecast your sales and plan your development strategy accordingly.”

Take a look at the complete article: 40+ Amazing Desktop App Alternatives.

There are also a few other articles on the web who have covered melssCRM in the recent past. (Links from google translate as the original article is not in English)

Free tools for Web Project Management Every Day

29 Web Applications for Management and Software Engineering (Free)

Let us know if you find other interesting articles about melssCRM on the World Wide Web.

A special thanks to the authors of the above blogs/articles for having featured melssCRM! Makes us proud!







Performance Improvements

At MELSS we continuously try to improve the performance of our products. We know how painful it is, to sit in front of the PC and wait for pages to load. At this age, every second counts.

About 4 months ago, we came up with some major performance upgrades and server tuning to improve the response of melssCRM. The effort paid off with us becoming faster than 98% of the websites on the Internet with each page taking an average of less than 1.5 seconds to load. This is visible from the graph below (information taken from Google Webmasters):

With our growing customer base and and increased CRM adoption, we would like to improve this further. As the next step, we have upgraded our servers. We believe over a period of time, you should start seeing improved performance and quicker response from melssCRM.

We are also bringing out several feature enhancements and updates that will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

We hope you enjoy the improved performance, just as much as we do!