Sales & Marketing: TWO Different Entities. Can You Make It ONE Using CRM?

Marketing and Sales are two sides of the same coin. Many a times it’s hard to understand fine line between them. In a nutshell, it can be put as:

“You do marketing to Sell more and you sell more through Marketing”

Though in theory this looks so closely knit, it is not the case how Marketing and Sales departments function in an organization. They tadalafil patent expiration are generally considered two different entities and lack a distinct communication channel. As a result, they function independently rather watermelon work like viagra than being inter-dependant. This uncoordinated effort creates a situation where “Leads” (prospective customers) are stuck in the pipeline instead of being converted into customers.

If the front-end customer facing departments (Sales & Marketing) of an organization act in an uncoordinated manner, it complicates the way in which the Relationship with the Customers is handled and leads to inconsistency of the brand.

Implementing a well-defined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy along with a CRM Solution will help the organization reduce the gap between Sales and Marketing functions.

Understand the Marketing Process and align it with the CRM Solution

From the beginning i.e. generation of the Lead cheapest cialis 20mg uk to conversion of a Lead into an Account (Customer), capture every possible detail like Lead Source, Region, Industry, Campaign, etc so that whenever you deal with the Lead, you can pitch in such a way it makes sense to them. In other words, identify the key customer touch points.

Define the Sales Life Cycle and integrate it with the CRM

Sales can be the ripple effect of Marketing efforts or could be a need based direct sale, either ways when the Opportunity knocks, the sales process begins. It can involve various processes right from registering the Opportunity through winning the order. All these processes need to be mapped with the CRM solution to optimize your sales process.

Once the Marketing and Sales processes are aligned to the CRM solution, the gap between these two processes is minimized. However, the effectiveness will depend on the appropriateness and the amount of information that is fed into the CRM solution.

“You don’t close a sale, you open generic cialis a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.”

– Patricia Fripp

Compliment the marketing efforts with better tracking

Define the channels through which you are going to pursue the marketing efforts. Flag the leads with appropriate lead sources (marketing channels) to get an insight on which form of advertising really works for you. Encourage the sales/marketing team to ask questions on how the leads got to know about your organization or the offer you are currently promoting. Feed all data into the CRM Solution.

Analyze the Trends

Analyzing the information and deriving patterns out it will really help you understand the scheme of things. You can track information such as the number of activities (like phone calls, meetings, etc), number of quotations, average time span to clinch a deal (or open a relationship according to Patricia Fripp). These parameters help you find out traits that lead to a successful sale or proved as hindrances while dealing with customers; provided, the sales/marketing team feed the interaction details within

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the CRM solution. Feeding the interaction details becomes even more imperative when you conduct a campaign, else what happens when females take viagra you risk loosing the leads generated out of the campaigns.

Be creative and definite on the status updates

Instead of using only few standard status updates like Lost Lead or Junk Lead, you can use status like:

These statuses should be supported tadalafil powder by additional interaction details in the form of notes/description, so that when you further evaluate the leads, you can identify the real reasons behind delay in conversion of the Leads. Based on that viagra usa you can create new statuses like:

Counting on the appropriateness of these updates, the marketing department would be able to position the long term side effects cialis product/service better and address these concerns with different approach.

Market better based on available information

For instance, the leads that are flagged as Cost Factor will be motivated by an attractive discount, whereas leads that are flagged Lacks domain knowledge – Skeptical will be interested in attending a conference/seminar to gain insight about the industry. Likewise leads that are flagged Evaluating different products might respond well to effective follow-up or a festive offer so that he cashes in on the best deal.

“I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe

in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.”

– Estée Lauder

Sell it and Re-Sell it hard

It is a proven fact that it costs approximately four times more to get a new customer than to serve an existing customer. So it is highly important that you do not does cialis work like viagra forget your existing customers and try to tap opportunities that exist in that segment.

You may wonder how “Selling and Selling it again” is related to reducing the gap between Marketing and Sales”?

When you Re-Sell the products/services to your existing customers they will provide valuable feedback about the drawbacks with

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your products or services / support given to them after sales. This will be meaningful feedback that can be fed into the CRM Solution and you can work on improving them continually.

Better products/services means it is easy to market and sell, thereby a sort of intangible harmony will exist between the

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two departments and gaps will be reduced.

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